Ali Miller at Sketch

A big thank you to all that made it to the event at Sketch – it was wonderful to see so many friendly faces, and Ali’s interview with Wendy Meakin was well received. The venue itself is absolutely stunning, and added a drama to the occasion! If you couldn’t make it along but would like to view the current collection, please get in touch and we can schedule an appointment.

Neon Tea Dreams – Ali Miller at Sketch. Product featured is part of the ‘Hampstead Heath’ set
Ali and Wendy in conversation’ – Such nice vibes – and ambiance!
They were talking about inspirations here I think…
An awesome Audience!
Another view of such a wonderful venue – a true london gem.
We added loads of names to our mailing list on the night…

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If you weren’t lucky enough to try one of the amazing cocktails served on the night, we have sourced the recipe from behind the bar at Sketch to share with you to try at home: (reaches for Orange blossom honey…)

Jasmine in Wonderland

25ml Hendricks Midsummer Solstice

50ml Jasmine & mint tea syrup

60ml Belvoir raspberry lemonade

2 drops ginger droplet

2 drops orange blossom honey

And serve in a beautiful vessel 😉

A last big ‘Thank-you’ to all the amazing staff at Sketch! Join the newsletter at the bottom of the website to be sure to hear about our next event in good time to join us!

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