Ali Miller joins Liberty’s live designer event!

Ali Miller joins Liberty’s live designer event!

Sunday 28th Feb saw Liberty’s of London hosting a fabulous in-store event to celebrate the launch of their Garden of Beauty collection. They invited a number of designers in to give live talks and demonstrations,  and given the success of the Ali Miller London collection in  the Liberty’s homeware department Ali was invited along to show how she creates her famous collages and prints for her collections.

It was such a great opportunity for Ali to give the customers an insight into her creative process and to recreate the way she gathers memories and inspiration for her designs and collections using old photographs, magazines and books.

Ali also demonstrated how she creates new from old, restoring old life, by up-cycling vintage ceramics with decals and silk screen prints. This is something Ali started her career doing and still has a strong passion for now.

See more from the day in our pictures below:

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