Ali Miller Photoshoot at Sketch: Behind the Scenes

On Monday morning the Ali Miller team was up bright and (extremely) early for our photo shoot at Sketch restaurant!

Tucked away on Conduit Street, just off Regent street in the heart of London, Sketch is a must-see destination for anyone who loves fine dining, contemporary art, or cutting-edge design. Each of Sketch’s unique rooms is brimming with quirky finds and there’s something exciting around every corner. Ali Miller has been working with Sketch since 2012 and her ceramics and cushions have found the perfect home in Sketch’s parlour.

Below are some behind the scenes shots from the day. Big thanks to Amy Boughen and the rest of the staff at Sketch who were absolutely wonderful throughout, as well as our amazing photographer, Yeshen Venema, and our fantastic stylists, Zoe Brewer and Zoe Palmer.


Sketch’s wonderful Parlour


 Photographing and styling Ali’s collection (with ice cream!)

Yeshen Venema Photography

One of the gorgeous images from the shoot, featuring Ali’s bespoke ware



Setting up some Christmas-themed shots


After the Parlour we moved into the beautiful Glade room, to take some photos of Ali herself, surrounded by her teacups



Taking tea with a tiger!

Yeshen Venema Photography
Some atmospheric shots in the fire place in Sketch’s lecture room

Find out more about Sketch here-

Yeshen Venema’s website & photography-

View Zoe Brewer’s work here- and Zoe Palmer’s here-

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