Ali Miller’s “Cut Out Memories” Exhibition

Ali Miller’s original artwork and bespoke ceramics are on now display at the famous Le Meridien Hotel in Piccadilly, organised and curated by Paint Jam London!

“A melange of the artist’s nostalgic memories of home, culture and identlity – both literally and metaphorically, the artists’ work is always an expression of her life, chapters in her story, through symbolic visual meanderings.”- Paint Jam London. Read the rest of this lovely article on their website here-

The show has been organised to coincide with “Henri Matisse: The Cut Outs” at Tate Modern, opening April 17th. Find out more here:

It will feature the original artworks for some of Ali’s best known designs, such as Hampstead Heath and By Your Side, as well as her up-cycled vintage ceramics, and is open from 8th April till 31st of May. Why not visit and take a cup of tea surrounded by the best of Ali Miller’s imagination?

Visit for more information

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