British Cakes and Biscuits to Devour On Your Next Va/Stay/cation

The lovely freelance writer, Jane Moss has penned a post about the British love of biscuits.

Travelling around the UK is as fun as eating its pastries. Aside from dashing your way to the different attractions in London or taking side trips to the breathtaking countryside, travellers can get a fuller experience by sampling regional food along the way. And there’s nothing better than to start with delicious cakes, traditional biscuits, and a pot of tea.

No Tea Break without a Biscuit

In 2010, Britain consumed over 140 million packets of biscuits, with most young Brits enjoying the traditional varieties. While taking a break from all the sightseeing, you should get yourself some biscuits and a cup of tea. The Viennese sandwich is a good first choice. This rather simple biscuit is perfect with tea. It has a crumbly exterior, can absorb tea like no other, and features a chocolate deliciousness that every tourist will love. In fact, it might even be a cure for holiday stress. After all, studies show that going on holiday can actually be stressful. After experiencing the high of being in a new place, holiday stress can take over thanks to thinking about the cost of the holiday itself, managing transportation, being unfamiliar with a certain city or town, managing travel details, and potentially feeling unsafe in some larger urban areas.

Engaging in pleasurable activities can reduce your stress levels during your holiday and one of the best ways to do it is to try British pastries.

Jaffa cakes for example, are a beautiful treat to enjoy during tea time. Deemed as the bad boy of all British biscuits, this little treat has a Genoise sponge base topped with orange jam and coated in rich chocolate. Love chocolate? Getting your hands on some chocolate bourbon is a must. You can also get some Choco Leibniz or chocolate fingers.

If you want your snack more special, try the Florentine. This biscuit is a luxurious and sweet pastry made from nuts, candied cherries, sugar, butter, and honey. Most Florentine biscuits have chocolate-coated bottoms.

Eat Traditional British Cakes

Still stressed out? Maybe it’s time for you to eat cake. With the national passion for cakes dating back to the Middle Ages, you can’t go wrong with Britain’s traditional cake. You can start with a familiar treat – a carrot cake. This beautiful cake is a descendant of the Arabian carrot pudding, a recipe dating back to the 10th century, according to historians.You can also have a scone complete with strawberry jam and clotted cream. If you are fond of jam and whipped cream, you should get a piece of Victoria sponge, too. This fluffy cake is usually filled with a good dose of whipped cream and raspberry jam.

And don’t forget to make sure that you also make time to try the Welsh cake, Eccles cake, Battenberg Cake, and sticky coffee pudding to properly round off your treat adventure.

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