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A guest post by Newby Teas about The Chitra Collection, one of the most inspiring collection of antique teaware in the world.

We are very happy to partner with Newby Teas at our Mad Hatters Party POP UP Shop on 9th October 2015, 4pm to 6pm – they will lend us their expertise in the world of tea by hosting a tea tasting event. Don’t miss out; book your (free) place here!


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Back in time with tea

With the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland being celebrated this year, the Ali Miller London Alice tea set is proving a popular choice for those who love to take tea with an imaginative vintage twist.

Newby Teas is a luxury London tea brand, which part-owns what is possibly the most inspiring collection of antique teaware in the world, The Chitra Collection. There are more than 1200 items in this fascinating private collection, telling the story of tea culture over thousands of years.

Newby will be joining Ali Miller London at our Alice-themed event at Craft Central in Clerkenwell on 9th Oct, where you can sample their fine teas and see the special Alice tea set up close.

Some of the pieces in the Chitra Collection are quite novel, as Newby’s experts explain…

“Since tea arrived in Britain we have been obsessed with creating innovative and quirky designs for teaware. The first novelty teapots actually date back to the 1740s when pieces, such as this camel-form teapot were produced by Staffordshire potters. This camel teapot is made in white salt-glazed stoneware using a slip-casting technique which gave the potter much more freedom to create imaginative designs”.

Camel Teapot - Newby Teas - Ali Miller

“By the early 19th Century, ceramic vessels naturalistically modeled as vegetables and animals were very fashionable. This trio of cauliflower-inspired teapot, milk jug and tea caddy are attributed to the acclaimed Josiah Wedgwood. The lower parts of these tea wares are moulded and painted to resemble cauliflower leaves, and the top parts resemble the heart and core of a cauliflower.

As tea sets were often placed on the table as tea was being served, they tended to be highly decorative objects and such a set would have sparked a conversation or two!”

Cauliflower Teapot - Newby Teas - Ali Miller
Cauliflower inspired Teapot

“In honour of the celebration of Alice in Wonderland, what better way to end than looking at a Georgian novelty tea caddy in the form of a stack of books. This charming take on the traditional English caddy allowed the owner to lock the tea inside, place it upright on a bookshelf and keep their treasured tea hidden and locked away from prying eyes!”

Hidden Tea Caddy - Newby Teas - Ali Miller

If all that’s got you excited about tea’s rich and colourful past, join Newby and Ali Miller at Craft Central on 9th October 2015 from 4pm-6pm. One of Newby’s tea experts will be on hand to introduce you to some of their most exquisite teas, including blends from the decadent Gourmet Collection. There’s no better accompaniment to beautiful teaware than a beautiful tea, so come and indulge yourself!

Find out more about Newby Teas and the Chitra Collection at


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