The Story Behind Hampstead Heath

As a child growing up in North London I would often go for walks with my family & friends on Hampstead Heath. We would take guidebooks with us that showed us what plants and animals we would find as we explored. It felt like a magical place where anything could happen.

The background of this collage is a print of Hampstead Heath itself, overlaid with a sleeping man whose thoughts and dreams- the colourful butterflies- are escaping out of his hat. I was trying to capture that sense of wonder and mystery that I had as a child, and show the ways in which the natural world influenced my imagination.


HH orginal art work - Copy


I started printing my collages onto vintage plates, and creating bespoke ceramics featuring my artworks.


Ali Miller private view

My first show of my bespoke ceramics.

From there I began to develop my homeware collection, Ali Miller London, and the Hampstead Heath design was one of my first and favourites.



The Hampstead Heath tea set is now one of my most popular pieces, and it’s my favourite for drinking tea outdoors in the summer, when real butterflies are filling the garden.


Screenshot 2014-01-15 14.12.37


The teapot has also been featured on Series 3 of BBC’s flagship show “Sherlock”, along with several of my other pieces. It’s brought my work to a much wider audience, and it’s been fantastic to work with the BBC and to be a small part of such a thrilling TV series.

It’s been a long process but one of the most important parts of my work is the story and the development behind each piece and every design. I’m sure that story will continue!

You can shop the full Hampstead Heath range here:







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