Top decluttering tips

Top decluttering tips

Every item needs a place where it lives – before you buy it, think about where it will go and what it is replacing.

Try to follow the rule – one in, one out.


Here are All Sorts London’s top decluttering tips:

1) Organise loose cables in a tupperware box by folding them into cardboard toilet roll and kitchen paper tubes, then label the tubes.

2) Arrange all your hangers in the cupboard so the hooks face the same way. When you wear something, turn the hanger the other way. At the end of a season, anything that hasn’t been turned could be given away.

3) If you are short of drawer space, roll your t-shirts, instead of folding them. You’ll get a third more space and you will be able to see what you have at a glance without going through the whole pile.

4) Use clear storage containers in your cupboards so that you can easily see what is inside.

5) Keep spare duvets and pillows in a vacuum packed bag to save on space.

6) Label anything that is boxed up clearly – sounds obvious, but easily forgotten. You won’t have to take everything down to find out what’s inside.

7) Organise your mind as well as your space with a whiteboard to note important dates, things to do, etc.

8)Keep a basket at the top and bottom of the stairs to put stuff in that needs to be put back in the right place.

9) Scarves and belts can be hung either on a tie rack, on a regular hanger or an over-the-door organiser, making them easier to select and freeing up drawers.

10) Make use of space under beds to store sheets and towels. You can buy flat storage boxes with lids and wheels, which will easily roll out when needed.


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Top Decluttering Tips Ali Miller All Sorts London

Top Decluttering Tips Ali Miller All Sorts London

Top Decluttering Tips Ali Miller All Sorts London


Top Decluttering Tips Ali Miller All Sorts London


One thought on “Top decluttering tips

    Cay Moore says:

    Hi Ali,
    When my children were younger I used to keep toilet roll holders for art and craft sessions, but deep down I always thought there was more that they could be used for – thanks for sharing this tip about using them to store cables etc.

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