Home Sweet Home Map Collection

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    The Home Sweet Home collection blends classic British imagery to create a contemporary style. Each piece features the design of a black & white UK and Ireland weather map, accented with old-world sailing ships. A splash of contrast is added with regal red crowns.

    This collection was one of three featured in the hit BBC One TV series Sherlock and will make the perfect gift for any fan of the show. It includes: different-sized teapots, teacup & saucer, egg cup, mug, plates, sugar pot, and milk jug, as well as beautiful textiles. This collection is made from fine bone china with 22-carat gold details and is designed and decorated by hand in the UK.
    18 products
    Map Teacup & Saucer
    UK MAP. mug. white
    Map Mug
    Map 4 Cup Teapot
    UK Map Jug White Background 001
    UK Map Jug White Background 002
    Map Milk Jug
    UK Map Teapot White Background 002
    Map Complete Tea Set
    UK MAP. sugar bowl. white
    IMG_8894 (1)
    Map Sugar Pot
    UK plate cut
    Alice Plate White Background 004
    Map Cake Plate
    Map 2 Cup Teapot
    UK MAP. tea pot. white
    Map 6 Cup Teapot
    UK map 2
    UK map 3
    Map Tea for Two Gift Set
    HSH UK Map 2 Mugs on White
    UK Map Mug White Background 004
    Map Set of 2 Mugs
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    HSH-APR (1)
    Map Apron
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    UK Map Tea Towel 1
    UK Map Tea Towel 3
    Map Tea Towel
    Map Teapot, Milk Jug & Sugar Pot Gift Set
    Map Pair of Egg Cups
    Map Milk Jug & Sugar Pot Set
    Map Breakfast Set
    Home Sweet Home - Cushion
    close up - Home Sweet Home - Cushion
    Map Cushion
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