Meet Our Amazing Women

Ali Miller London Team

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re shining a light on the amazing women behind Ali Miller London. From dancing in their kitchen with loved ones (who can blame them) and championing other females who inspire them every day, all whilst balancing motherhood (and smashing it may we add), let us introduce you to our very own power-house women.



Ali Miller

TEA OR COFFEE: Tea all day long but one coffee in the morning while walking the dog.

FAVOURITE COLLECTION: Don't ask me that it's like asking who my favourite child is! Each one holds a close connection to me and tells a story about my life. For example "I'll carry you" - The lady carrying the horse, I created this when my husband's father died a year after my own father died. The design represents my turn to support him and "carry " him through this tough time.

BEST PLACE FOR CAKE/DESSERT: La Crêperie de Hampstead, the crepe stall on Hampstead High Street. I recommend the chocolate one as they use chocolate buttons(!) but I would also recommend a cheese and mushroom one too.

WHAT BRINGS OUT YOUR PLAYFUL SIDE: When I’m dancing! Whether I’m with my friends having a good dance on the dance floor or having a disco in the kitchen with my family.

WHO INSPIRES YOU: Annie mac, I find it inspirational how she’s able to turn her hand to so many different things from DJ to author to podcaster to parent, I really like how she’s non judgemental and genuine. Another woman I find truly inspirational is my best friend, she is the kindest person on the planet!




TEA OR COFFEE: Coffee, ever since having a child it's been fundamental in getting me out of bed!

FAVOURITE COLLECTION: I love "Growing" as my son loves frogs so when I see it it reminds me of him

BEST PLACE FOR CAKE/DESSERT: I do remember really enjoying the chocolate mousse at Dishoom as it has salt and chilli in it

WHAT BRINGS OUT YOUR PLAYFUL SIDE: Cocktails on holiday with the bestest of friends where you can be yourself and be as silly as you want- I highly recommend a holiday fund with friends. Pure escapism and indulgence with no guilt. You've already saved the money!

WHO INSPIRES YOU: My Mum, now that I am a mum I realise how hard she worked to look after us. Her judgement and strong principles have definitely shaped me and her support of the underdog is something I try to follow.




TEA OR COFFEE: Ever since having a child, coffee!

FAVOURITE COLLECTION: Fun ride - I love that it was inspired by Ali’s grandmother’s house, and I’ve definitely collected a few random pieces from my grandparents houses over the years that bring me joy. 

BEST PLACE FOR CAKE/DESSERT: Margot’s bakery in East Finchley for their chocolate babka or anything Bread Ahead!

WHAT BRINGS OUT YOUR PLAYFUL SIDE: Those nights spent in your kitchen after a few drinks with your friends, the music is cranked up playing classic songs, the tequila cocktails are flowing, and I’m still in my slippers. That’s when I’m at my most fun.

WHO INSPIRES YOU: My family and friends - they’re all absolutely incredible women in so many different ways who I admire more than they’ll ever know. Plus they’re great company!




TEA OR COFFEE: Both! But definitely a strong coffee to start the day

FAVOURITE COLLECTION: It changes depending how I'm feeling, but I love the Angel bunny collection. It's amazing how one image can tell a story and there's something magical about sharing a moment with a wild creature.

BEST PLACE FOR CAKE/DESSERT: Sable D'Or in Muswell Hill, the cinnamon swirl buns are amazing!

WHAT BRINGS OUT YOUR PLAYFUL SIDE: Turning up the radio and having a dance around the kitchen with my kids to my favourite songs. The more embarrassing for the kids, the better!

WHO INSPIRES YOU: I have many amazing and inspiring women in my life but someone that really stands out is Anna Whitehouse aka @mother_pukka. She tirelessly campaigns for flexible working for parents, highlights the struggles and challenges of all aspects of motherhood plus she's absolutely hilarious!


We’re raising a teacup to all the women we know and love this International Women’s Day. 

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