"Storm" by Ali Miller 2023

"Storm" by Ali Miller 2023
"Storm" by Ali Miller 2023
"Storm" by Ali Miller 2023
"Storm" by Ali Miller 2023

"Storm" by Ali Miller 2023

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Weathering out a storm of life and relationships. The piece represents the feeling of being caught in the eye of an emotional storm. This artwork was created to sit alongside "Breath" which depicts the sense of calm and clarity that can come with taking a deep breath.

Dimensions: 100 x 120 cm

Materials used: Acrylic on canvas

Signed by Ali Miller


Ali Miller is an artist and designer based in North London. She studied Fine Art and Sculpture at Brighton University over 20 years ago, where she refined her ability to express feelings and emotions through her art. She enjoys using a wide variety of mediums, preferring to let the idea determine how best to be expressed - whether it be through huge immersive art installations or small intimate detailed collage that draws the viewer in. Read more >

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